best gold investment newsletterThe Gold Stock Bull investment newsletter, published by Jason Hamlin and Nicoya Research, is the best gold investment newsletter available. But don’t take our word for it, let’s see what sets us apart from other gold newsletters and what our subscribers have been saying lately.

There are over a dozen different gold investment newsletters floating around, but Gold Stock Bull is consistently rated at or near the top by subscribers. With the Gold Stock Bull portfolio generating outsized gains in the bull cycles and limited losses in the bear cycles, we have a very low rate of turnover in subscriptions. It is safe to say that most customers fall into the “very satisfied” category.

Jason Hamlin has been publishing the Gold Stock Bull newsletter for self-directed investors since 2006, over 17 years. In that time not a single monthly issue has been missed. Jason and his research team work diligently to identify important macro trends that impact prices for various commodities and metals. They then examine dozens of leading companies that mine those minerals and perform a competitive analysis to determine which might be most undervalued and offer investors the greatest potential upside.

Although the newsletter is titled “Gold Stock Bull,” it covers more than just gold and gold miners. The team at Nicoya Research has built expertise across various metals including gold, silver, copper, lithium, nickel, uranium, rare earth metals, graphite, and other specialty metals. The newsletter also covers energy stocks and fertilizer stocks.

The focus is on identifying metals that have a favorable supply/demand profile going forward and are likely to increase significantly in price. We then want to own stock in the companies that mine these metals the most efficiently, aiming for leveraged gains from investing in mining stocks.

At Nicoya Research, we also recommend that investors hold a small allocation of physical precious metals in their possession as an insurance policy and method of wealth preservation. Gold and silver bullion can be purchased at a number of online shops or Ebay. We recommend avoiding numismatics and collectibles with high premiums and instead focus on obtaining the most gold or silver that you can for the money. We hold some American Gold Eagles and American Silver Eagles due to these coins being universally recognized and easy to sell. But the majority of our stack is in generic rounds produced by reputable companies or mints that sell at a lower premium.

A number of factors set Gold Stock Bull apart from other investment newsletters:

  1. We focus our research on junior and mid-tier mining stocks that can produce the greatest returns. Many of the other gold newsletters simply recommend gold miners ETFs or the large-cap companies like Newmont Mining (NEM) or Agnico Eagle Mines (AEM). It is easy enough to pick the biggest mining stocks in the market and you don’t need to pay for a newsletter to do that. In fact, you might as well just buy shares of the Gold Miners ETF (GDX). But our research brings you undervalued juniors that have yet to be fully appreciated by the market and fly under the radar of most investors. In our view, these companies have the potential for significantly greater price appreciation as a new discovery or transition of a mine from exploration to production is a much larger event that moves the needle for companies with lower valuations.
  2. We never accept compensation of any kind to promote stocks. Some of the other gold newsletters will pump stocks for a fee, as many micro-cap mining companies lacking a solid resource will look for a quick buck by creating hype. Too often these newsletters will offers disclosure of this relationship in small font at the very bottom of the page. We think this is a clear conflict of interest and morally unsound. If we recommend a stock, it is because we believe it is undervalued and likely to generate strong gains. We typically hold the same companies in our personal portfolios, so our interests are aligned.
  3. We perform in-depth market research, get on the phone with management and periodically take tours of mine sites in order to get a solid understanding of the company’s potential. We run every portfolio pick through a rigorous analysis and make sure they check all of the key boxes for qualities that generate winning mining companies. We provide subscribers with both fundamental and technical research into every stock pick that we make. Many other gold investment newsletters just list the stocks they like with little or no rationale for the pick.
  4. The Gold Stock Bull newsletter is comprehensive, covering macroeconomics, global and political events, and a variety of different commodities that are scarce. We look to profit no matter which direction the market moves and we will often short sectors that we believe are overvalued.
  5. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t find value in our service, simply cancel within the first 30 days for a refund (less the tire kicker fee). This is how confident we are that you will like the service and want to remain a long-term subscriber.
  6. The Gold Stock Bull newsletter is a small business or boutique publication, not part of a large corporate conglomerate that will market you to death and oversell. My father introduced me to the value of sound money at an early age and I have a background in market research and finance. I make myself personally available to subscribers and usually reply to all questions within 24 hours.
  7. Nicoya Research now offers a chat room where we are busy posting news, charts, analysis and new stock picks on a daily basis. Active investors enjoy this constant flow of information to help them maximize returns in the markets. The chat room is available as part of our Mastermind Membership.

The GSB model portfolio is up over 4,000% since inception in 2006 and our average annual return outperforms the major indices. This is not to say that we always get it right or that every portfolio outperforms every year, but over time our investors have outperformed by a wide margin.

Unaudited estimations based on trade alerts sent to subscribers

Others may claim to have the best gold newsletter, but none offer all of the qualities mentioned above. We encourage you to try Gold Newsletter from Jefferson Publications, The Gold Investment Letter by Eric Muschinski, Gold Stock Analyst by Stansberry Research , Gold Mining Bull, Taylor Dart’s research, The Morgan Report by David Morgan, The Aden Forecast, Motley Food and all the rest. To be sure, there are other newsletters worth your time, but we are confident that you will come back to Gold Stock Bull as the best gold investment newsletter.

The following are all 100% real, unsolicited emails from paying subscribers. You can read additional reviews of Gold Stock Bull at or 

“You’ve made me some good money and you are the best stock picker of the 3 newsletters that I follow.”
– Dave K.

“I just wanted to let you know my subscription is the best money I have spent on information ever. I appreciate all of the time you must spend on research and feel you are giving your subscribers great value for their money. Thank you!”
– Petra H.

“Yes Jason, I want to sign up again and paid up for the full year. I want to continue receiving your opinion about trades. I have cancelled another service to pick up yours.”
– Richard B.

“I would first like to say how much I enjoy your service. I especially find your writing enjoyable to read. It’s very simple and I look forward to reading every sentence. What I find to be the most valuable part of your service is your core holdings. I was very happy to learn that agriculture was going to be part of your long-term strategy. Gold Stock Bull is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank You Jason for all that you do.”
– David L.

“Some time ago I stumbled on your predictions and was amazed at your accuracy and forsight. Now after following many financial newsletters from Kiplinger in the 70s to Louis Navilier in the 2000s, I have finally found nirvana with U! Examples; 1000shs SLW @17.64 on 1st dip, 500shs @18.08 on 2nd dip,1000shs [email protected] plus 1000s GG, EXK, AXU and many of AUNFF. I and my wife of 53 years are sitting on the most profit of our time,THANX 2-U!!! I can now imagine our Schwab managers wondering where this guy is getting all these BIG WINNERS, that they never heard of.”
– Lawrence S.

“My firm is a bit under the radar but is one of the largest fixed income trading firms in the US and we are one of the few firms looking for lower rates and lower GDP estimates than consensus. You mentioned “QE to infinity”…Our Chief Economist calls it QE 4ever. Our Chief econ has been voted as one of the top Economists by Asian institutional Investors for many years running. A trade we’re still seeing from our Asian accts is selling of US tsys,US$’s & Buying GOLD. You gotta love having too many gains in 1 year and that you can afford to delay taking them into the new year. It pays to have “smart” and “savvy” gurus like you! Thanks for all your hard work, advice and all the WINNERS!”
– Bill R.

Not all investment newsletters are created equal and we believe that The Gold Stock Bull Contrarian Report is the best gold investment newsletter available. But don’t take our word for it, take a spin and let us know what you think.

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Jason Hamlin

jason hamlin
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