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Our research and analysis focuses on identifying under-the-radar companies before the market takes notice.

Our Strategy & Philosophy

  • Study the macro landscape and historical cycles to determine which asset classes are likley to trend higher.

  • Perform in-depth research within each sector to determine key trends and factors that drive prices.

  • Utilize fundamental and technical analysis, talk to management, monitor insider trading and leverage proprietary tools to identify companies that are undervalued.

  • Study recent news, investor sentiment and other near-term catalysts to determine an optimal entry point.

  • Send trade alerts to subscribers with rationale for each trade and price targets. Never accept payment to promote stocks, eliminating any bias or conflict of interest.

Meet the Editor

Jason Hamlin is the founder of Nicoya Research and has been publishing investment research at goldstockbull.com since 2006. His background is in data analytics for the world’s largest market research firm. Jason consulted to Fortune 500 companies around the globe, including Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson and Del Monte. Jason eventually left the corporate world and leveraged his analytical skills to trade stocks successfully full-time.

Jason’s investment philosophy takes into account political, historical and socio-economic factors to determine macroeconomic trends and isolate the sectors that stand to benefit most. He then identifies companies that are undervalued within those sectors and buys ahead of the herd.

Jason is a contrarian, cycles investor and student of Austrian economics. He is a regular speaker at investment conferences and proponent of sound money, limited government, decentralization of power and the non-aggression principle (NAP).

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This is a great news letter not only for gold and silver stocks but also for cannabis stocks and crypto currencies. Also the editor Jason will answer any questions you have within 24 hours. So it is a great service to subscribe to as he goes into great details and keeps you updated on his latest research and recommendations.

T. Husted, Singapore

After only a little over a month invested in a number of the positions recommended, my Gold Stock Bull ETF of sorts than I constructed is up 30% since inception. Jason gives updates on any trade he makes plus a monthly newsletter. He also posts a portfolio where you can track all of his suggestions with his allocation and performance for each recommendation. I’m a big fan.

Bob Cortright, Brooklyn, NY

This is the only newsletter I follow regularly after years and years of researching the right fit for me. No BS, focus on gold and crypto, just what my interests are. I find that Jason provides depth and actionable data points that I have been able to apply very successfully for myself.

Paul Pavuk, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Your take on our economic situation resonates so true. Joining the premium service has made a huge difference to my portfolio over the past 6 months and I couldn’t be happier. I especially appreciate the fast response and personal touch. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

John Fink, Columbus, OH

You’ve made me some good money and you are the best stock picker of the 3 newsletters that I follow. I have recommended you to my friends without hesitation due to the money I’ve made. This year has been a huge year for my portfolio – thank you so much!!

Linda Simpson, Miami, FL

I am very satisfied with my purchase and frankly feel like the cost of the subscription is a deal. You can really tell Jason digs into his research and I love that he embraces new currencies and is not afraid of capitalizing on new and upcoming ventures rather than being afraid of new things. I also truly value how he humbly teaches through his email updates. Very happy with this purchase!

D. Logan, Charlotte, NC

Jason Hamlin provides the clearest analysis and best balanced of any of the precious metals sites that I have found so far. I particularly like his honesty and responsiveness. He also balances his portfolio with other sectors such as bio, canabis, alt currencies and oil. He offers terrific value for such a personal and frequently updated service.

David Highett, Mountain View, CA

I can’t recommend Gold Stock Bull highly enough. His recommendations which are presented without the usual hyperbolic marketing hype, have done much better than far more expensive newsletters and trading services. I trust his monthly analysis of the economy and various markets and appreciate that in addition to his precious metal recommendations, he was one of the first to make me aware of the potential of investments in cannabis and cryptocurrencies.

Arthur Fagan, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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