Gold Stock Bull

Gold Stock Bull is our original investment newsletter focusing on precious metals and mining stocks. The subscription also covers industrial metals, battery metals, energy metals and any other type of metal or mining stock where we spot an opportunity to profit. It has been published by Jason Hamlin every month consistently for the past 14 years and receives top ratings from subscribers around the world.

We first started covering the emerging bull market in gold and silver in the early 2000’s. But rather than just recommend buying gold or the well-known miners, we focused on recommending up-and-coming junior and mid-tier mining stocks before the rest of the market took notice. This led to our model portfolio significantly outperforming the sector and many of our picks ended up being acquired by larger gold mining companies at significant premiums.

Let’s take a look at some of our early and recent stock picks:

One of our earliest picks was Bema Gold, which we bought under $1 per share. It was later acquired by Kinross Gold for $5.35 per share in a $3.1 billion deal, netting us a return of 435%!

We also recommended Wheaton River Minerals under $1 per share. It was soon acquired by Goldcorp at $3.60 per share in a deal valued at over $2 billion! This netted us a return of 295%!

In 2009, we recommended Silver Wheaton at $5.92 per share. It soared to a high of $46.91, just two years after our entry point for a return of 692%!

We also recommended OceanaGold in early 2009 at $0.54 and it climbed to $3.79 in less than two years. This represents a gain of 602% in just 18 months!

After taking a trip to their Montreal offices in early 2009 and meeting with their CEO, we ended up recommending SEMAFO, Inc. at $1.17 per share. By November of 2010, shares had rocketed to $13.68 each for a gain of 1,069%!

But we don’t only generate these types of impressive gains during bull markets. We have been able to outperform the market even during bear markets or periods of consolidation and sideways trading.

The chart below shows the performance of our model portfolio since its inception in 2006. Our picks have returned 4,008% for subscribers versus a return of 157% from investing in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Nicoya Research Portfolio Returns


In 2016, we recommended our current #1 gold mining stock pick at $5.66. In just over two years, the share price has risen to over $47 per share. That is a return of 730%, during a time when the gold price advanced by only 3.5%.

This shows the types of returns that can be realized when you pick a company with solid management, growing production, declining costs and a consistent history of accretive acquisitions.

We believe that the precious metals market is at the early stages of its next major bull cycle and this represents an incredible opportunity to buy quality miners on the cheap while very few investors are interested. This next bull cycle should take gold to new highs above $2,000 per ounce and silver above $50 per ounce. In such an environment, quality mining stocks are going to offer huge leverage and make massive amounts of money for investors willing to buy early.

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