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The Mastermind Membership is an all-access pass that includes premium-level subscriptions to all letters, portfolios and updates that we offer. You will get access to Gold Stock Bull, High Growth Speculator, Income Insights and Crypto Corner. Your subscription also includes the Mastermind Portfolio, which has our top picks from each sector and specific allocations.

Lastly, Mastermind members get access to our exclusive trading chat group (Trader’s Den) with daily trade ideas from Jason Hamlin and our top analysts.

In the trading room, we will spend a few hours each day chatting directly with subscribers about our approach to trading that day, overall sentiment and top stocks that we believe are undervalued. We will look both at long-term investments and short-term swing-trading opportunities. The Mastermind Membership is the only way to gain access to our Traders’ Den chat room. It is for serious investors and traders, looking to get maximum value from our trading minds. This is a tremendous value, as other chat rooms charge double or triple our rate and do not include nearly this breadth of coverage.

Our multi-sector portfolio has returned over 4,000% since inception in 2006! This compares to a gain of 157% for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). Of course, we can not guarantee these level of returns will continue into the future. But it gives you some idea of our competency picking investments and the value you can expect from our research.

Nicoya Research Portfolio Returns

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