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Income InsightsIncome Insights focuses on stocks that pay regular dividends for those looking to generate income from their investments or take advantage of dividend re-investment programs. We develop and maintain a portfolio of top-tier dividend stocks, focusing on companies that have been able to consistently grow their dividends while making moves that are accretive to shareholders. We review the portfolio on a monthly basis, buying or selling based on market conditions and company-specific news.

While the primary focus is on generating income, we also seek steady capital appreciation from our dividend stock investments. Whenever possible, we advocate for the usage of a dividend re-investment program (DRIP) in order to continually grow your investments over time. DRIPS allow investors to reinvest their cash dividends into additional shares or fractional shares of the underlying stock on the dividend payment date. Most DRIPs allow investors to buy shares commission-free and often at a significant discount to the current share price.

Long term, the biggest advantage is the effect of automatic reinvestment on the compounding of returns. When dividends are increased, shareholders receive an increasing amount on each share they own, which can also purchase a larger number of shares. Over time, this increases the total return potential of the investment. Because more shares can be purchased whenever the stock price decreases, the long-term potential for bigger gains is increased.

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