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High-Growth Speculator is focused on companies that are pushing forward emerging technologies, disrupting their respective sectors or operating in high-growth sectors. These include technology disruptors and new sector benefiting from legalization such as cannabis stocks.

We run our proprietary trading scanners across a large number of stocks, isolating high-growth companies that we believe are overlooked and undervalued by the markets. Key to profiting with this trading method is discovering these companies before they are mainstream and discussed daily on the major financial media networks.

In high growth sectors, we focus on growth is sustainable and accelerating, trying to establish positions early in the life cycle of the company. We look at secular trends, sector health, fundamental analysis by each company and a number of technical indicators to determine what to buy and when to buy it.

This approach has yielded very strong results for our subscribers…

For example, our top technology stock pick for 2019 is on track for an annualized gain of over 100%. At the pace they are growing both their bottom and top lines, I expect a continuation of these levels of returns going forward. This is a must-have technology stock for any portfolio.

Our top cannabis stock pick rocketed 85% higher during the first month of the year alone and is up over 700% since we recommended the stock in June of 2017! We were early to identify the opportunity with cannabis stocks, buying well ahead of the hype. This highlights the importance of identifying trends early and buying quality companies before the rest of the market jumps on the bandwagon. We will periodically book profits after large runs and buy back on dips, relying on expert technical analysis to identify entry and exit points.

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