Crypto Corner

Crypto Corner is our cryptocurrency investment newsletter covering Bitcoin, Ethereum and a number of smaller-cap / more speculative cryptocurrencies. We also cover blockchain-related equities.

Jason Hamlin was one of the first newsletter writers to issue buy alerts on cryptocurrencies, well before anyone on CNBC was talking about it. He is currently a consultant to a few leading blockchain/cryptocurrency companies and has his pulse on the major trends within the industry. His consulting work in the cryptocurrency space also allows him to identify up-and-coming companies ahead of the masses, which has translated into huge profits for subscribers.

We first alerted subscribers to buy Bitcoin around $100 and officially adding it to our model portfolio under $1,000. It went up 1,952% and even with the correction, remains up hundreds of percentage points from our entry price.

Likewise, we first recommended Ethereum to subscribers at $11 per coin. The price rocketed 12,627% higher in just over a year! Even with the sharp correction, our remaining position is up well over 1,000% from our entry price.

Outside of these top two cryptocurrencies, we have also recommended several smaller ‘altcoins’ that have generated double-digit and triple-digit gains for our subscribers. We bought many of these tokens during their initial launch or immediately after they started trading on exchanges and watched prices soar in the months following our purchases.

In addition to investing directly in tokens, we have also researched and recommended a handful of blockchain stocks that have generated substantial gains for our subscribers. One company has launched a merchant bank for blockchain-related companies and the other recently launched the world’s first security tokenization trading platform. As blockchain technology disrupts a growing number of industries, the opportunities to profit by identifying these trends early is enormous.

A subscription to Crypto Corner will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of the cryptocurrency space. We will identify not only long-term investments, but opportunities to swing trade in and out of volatile cryptocurrencies to generate quick profits. If you are new to crypto, don’t worry. We will guide you through the best ways to invest, what to avoid and how to keep your cryptocurrency safe and secure. We have created a guide specifically for this purpose, which you can download immediately as a subscriber.

It is NOT too late to get involved in the cryptocurrency space. We believe another major surge in prices is coming and plan to position ourselves and our subscribers to generate significant profits from this next move. We believe that cryptocurrencies deserve a place in any investor’s portfolio, even if you start with a small allocation.

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